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Dr. Laddis is not only a heart doctor, he respects your head. He listens carefully and answers all your questions. I very much appreciated seeing someone who is so respectful and considerate of his patients.

John Weyand, Gansevoort


I received extraordinary treatment. Dr Idelchick and Dr. Laddis were both so ‘on it’ when it came to taking care of me. That was critical, because I ended up needing emergency open heart surgery at Albany Medical Center. Dr. Laddis even came down to visit me at Albany Med. That was pretty impressive.

Along with the technical medical competence, when you suffer a heart attack what you need is the human touch. I got that. It made a big difference. In fact, I believe if that component hadn’t been there this might have been a very different kind of story.

—Tom Clark of Rock City Falls


I’d been trying for two years to get someone to tell me why my hands would go numb from time to time. Dr. Daraban seemed to know right away that I had mitral valve prolapse syndrome, and that I didn’t really need to worry about it. It was such a relief for me to finally know. And Dr. Daraban just couldn’t have been more kind and thoughtful.  She carefully explained everything to me. I left her office thinking I was really lucky to find her.

—Karen Gibbons, Greenfield, NY


When I came into Saratoga Hospital having a heart attack, Dr. Laddis had me completely under his care within five minutes. Honestly, I don’t think I would have made it without him. I ended up having surgery at Albany Medical Center, but returned to his care once I got back home. Really, I think of him as a friend as much as a doctor. He’s there for me, in any way that I need him to be… And Saratoga Hospital, I don’t think there is a hospital anywhere in America that’s any better. I’ve never seen so many compassionate people in one place.

—Charles Krywy of Greenfield

254 Church Street, Saratoga Springs NY 12866 | 518-866-5080

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